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Chris Stevens Guitar Tuition

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Do I need my own instrument?

    Short answer: "Yes".
    However, for an initial period, so as to be absolutely sure that playing the guitar is a skill and pleasure that you (or your child) wish to continue with learning, an instrument can be provided via my Guitar Lending service.

  • When do you teach?

    I am available to teach all weekdays up until 9pm.

  • Do I have to be able to read music?

    Short answer: "No".
    However, basic music reading, although not absolutely essential, is really useful when learning to play an instrument.
    Don't worry though, I'll teach you this. It's really easy and fun... honest!

  • How much practice must I do?

    The more that you practice, the faster and more purposeful your progress will be.
    For an absolute beginner, frequent but short, 'bitesize' chunks of practicing are recommended. This allows fingers (particularly on the 'fretting hand') to gently get used to playing.

    It should go without saying though; playing the guitar will be an entirely enjoyable experience, and practice will be a pastime that is cherished, not looked upon as a chore!

  • Will you be able to teach me a specific song?

    Short answer: "Yes".
    Assuming that a sufficient level of ability and proficiency has been reached, then there is no reason why a specific piece of music, or song, that the student wishes to play cannot be accessed and mastered.
    Above all else with music - in my opinion - there should be enjoyment. The ability to recreate the sound and feel of your favourite song on a guitar makes the whole music making experience more 'real', alive, exciting and FUN!... essential!

  • Where will the lessons take place?

    I have a bespoke music studio ideally suited to teaching.
    However, I understand that prospective students often have young siblings, or that there may be specific needs or barriers that make travel difficult. Under such circumstances, and assuming that the student lives in, or close to, Saughall, I may be able to come to your house. Please contact me if you have any travel difficulties and hopefully a solution can be found.

    If the student is under 16 years of age, and taking individual lessons, I request that a supervising adult remain for the duration of the tuition. There is a very comfortable seating area next door to the music room, complete with tea/coffee making facilities!

  • Which instruments do you teach?

    As well as acoustic, electric and bass guitar tuition, I am also able to provide beginner keyboard/piano and drum lessons.
    An electronic, five octave keyboard is present in my music studio, as is a full-size, acoustic drum kit.

  • If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask via my contact page.