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Chris Stevens Guitar Tuition
Chris Stevens Guitar Tuition

About me

16 and bored with games

Whilst in sixth form, a few of us lads decided that games on a Wednesday afternoon were a little tedious. So, inventive as only teenagers can be, we formed a band. This permitted us to forgo getting muddy by tripping over a ball in a field, and instead 'rehearse' (I use the term loosely) in a derelict school outhouse.

Why am I telling you this? Well, one of these lads was already a bass player, another owned a drum kit, while yet another would look very good as a front man - that left a guitarist's position for the taking.
So, I bought a guitar... and I have never looked back since!

Frets, plugs and Rock 'n' Roll

I spent the next ten years of my life touring Europe with a band called "Who's Rachel?"
We wrote original material, played extensively in all manner of venues and generally had a jolly good time.

A small taste of that musical adventure can be heard below:

Band: "Who's Rachel?"

Track title: "Damp Side (of the sewer)"

I have continued to write, perform, arrange, record, engineer and produce songs, using the guitar and voice as my principle instruments, ever since - that's over 30 years now.
Yet another small taste, this time of my most recent musical development, can be heard below or explored further by clicking here.

Artist: "Hedgemumpers"

Track title: "Fly Lords"


After having children and discovering the unparalleled delights of imparting knowledge, in 2005 I began to teach my daughter, and two of her friends, to play the guitar.
Since then, I have continued to teach music, both privately and at Derwen College, a specialist college for young adults with LDD. I have also had considerable teaching experience in Chester Primary schools and other local places of learning.

I have qualifications - to degree level; BA (Hons) - in teaching, music and audio engineering. I am also a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and constantly strive to increase my personal, professional development.